Is really losing weight only about the number on the scale?

Does it mean that if the scale goes up or doesn’t move, that you are not making any progress?

If the scale doesn’t move, are you doing it wrong?

Maybe your clothes are loose, but scale won’t move. Does that mean NO PROGRESS at all?

Let me tell you one thing, you are not defined by a NUMBER! Yes it’s important to check your progress, but there are other ways, better ways to do it, not only by the scale. Scale is just a number nothing else.

There are a lot of weight loss clubs out there, which are perfect for accountability and I don’t want to bash them as for some people they can work, but they won’t teach people on PROPER nutrition and on what and why your body needs certain nutrients. Eating low fat, full of sugar is definitely not good for you on daily basis, but bashing fats must be good.  Yeah right, what do these people know about hormones and why we DO need fats in our diet.

I used to be mega addicted to what the number on the scale is saying, until I realised that my progress can be measured different ways like, measurements, if my lifts goes up etc.

Your weight can fluctuate from day-to-day, week-to-week and unless you’re comparing the same time of the cycle one month to previous month, it’s not really accurate. If you really want to weigh yourself daily, do it but take an average from overall week.

Can the scale lie? YES! It can. I personally feel like something throwing mine out of the window but we do have a pretty good relationship lately. Or not?!

The scale doesn’t know how much muscle you carry.

On other hand you can be 65kg looking skinny fat or 65kg having some muscle definition. Being skinny fat is not healthy either…

The scale isn’t the always the best indicator if you’re making a progress or not…