Everyone is confused.

I used to be confused as well.

Been there, done that, learned my lesson.

Is there actually a best diet?

Yeah, there is one but first lets do a quick recap.

Keto diet – where fats are the gods of fat loss (you consume 70% of your calories from them) about 20g of carbs and some protein.

Low carb diets – where carbs are devil (yep I used to be a zealot too, but have learned my lesson).

Paleo diet – where you only eat like a caveman.

Clean eating – where everything what is processed is seen as harmful for you. Sometimes it feels that the only way to eat clean is to actually wash your food.

Dukan diet – you only eat protein but it’s perfectly fine to eat fat-free dairy (full of sugar).

Slimming club – demonising fats but it’s perfectly fine to overload on sugar from fruits, fat free and low fat yoghurts.

The list can go on and I can bore you with other types of diet for a while BUT, there is a big BUT…

If you are trying to reach a specific goal in fitness and nutrition, trying to trim down, or lose few dress sizes and if you’re following a plan which you hate, and often you’d rather be hungry than eating your meals, or you can’t wait for the cheat meal where you can pig out for few hours or a day, you will never get where you want.

You need to follow something that suits YOU, your needs, your lifestyle.

So which is the best diet? As Alan Aragon says, the best diet is the one you can follow and stick to long term.

Don’t try to get results fom something you hate from bottom of your heart.

For me, it’s balance, it works for me, can have some less nutritios food, but can fill my body with more nutritious food as well. On the other hand, I used to be a strict clean eater, refusing to eat aything else, what wasn’t planned, or didn’t fit my meal plan, that can sometimes lead to ortorexia, but that’s for another blog.