OMG! Cake full of protein which will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Reeses are optional and I will be sharing macros for both version. I can see some epic cake recipes coming over the next 27 days left in my challenge.

Ingredients for the cake:

160g Total 0 % Greek yoghurt

50g Phil a delphinium light

15g of Protein powder (I have used Peanut butter jelly from The protein Works)

1 medium egg


12g Peanut butter

Reeses cup cake (optional)



Mix everything for the Base together and bake in a small cake thin for 30 minutes on medium heat. Once done, leave the cake in oven for another 20minutes. Decorate with peanut butter and Reeses and place in to fridge for couple of hours before serving.



Macronutritients without Reeses: 360kcal, 16.2F, 11.3C, 40.9P

Macronutritients with Reeses cup: 405kcal, 21.7F, 23.5C, 43.4P