​You all know, how I love Reeses. Well, everyone who loves peanut butter must love Reeses. Its a law of attraction, right?!

One of my favourite pre workout meals is the following recipe.


4 slices of protein bread (I used Livlife)
30g my protein vanilla whey
50g egg whites
50g almond milk
2g of cinnamon


15g Shell Reeses toping or melted dark chocolate
10g peanut butter
30g frozen or fresh fruits

Mix protein, egg whites, almond milk and cinnamon together. Dunk the breads in it, and fry on a good pan (no oil needed). Slice the toasts in half and decorate with chocolate, peanut butter and fruits.

Macronutritients with Shell Reeses chocolate topping: 534 kcal 26g Carb, 22g Fat, 58g Protein