I’m not a massive fan of chicken. Let’s be honest; it can get very boring. So sometimes I need to be very creative. But this is next level, and I don’t mind eating this for a while. I won’t be greedy and I will happily share this recipe with you. It’s easy and it’s yum.


160g of chicken breast

30g of passata

25g of grated protein cheese or ordinary cheese

10g of sliced peppers

20g of mushrooms

Pizza herbs or basil and oregano

Cut the chicken into a butterfly, place onto foil and pour passata on the top, with herbs, cheese, peppers and mushrooms. Fold the foil with the chicken and bake for 30 minutes on medium heat. Once done, unfold the foil and bake on higher temperature on 10 more minutes. Serve with potato chips and salad.

Macronutritients with protein cheese: 245kcal, 5.9F, 5.5C, 46.9C

Macronutritients with ordinary cheese:307kcal, 13.7F, 6.1C, 43.9P