Sometimes I have a feeling that on social media either everyone’s life is perfect or, on the other hand, full of problems and constant whinging, even if it’s not that bad in reality.

It took me a while to realise that often it’s only attention-seeking. A few years ago I used to be the same. Used to whinge about how everything is crap, or how everything is perfect. I believe many of us have been there. Yep, I have been there, and I admit it.

I still like Instagram, and I could easily post only Photoshop pictures with motivational texts there daily. But, for what? That’s not real life. I believe others have the right to know that even you struggle sometimes and that not always things can go right way. I’m honest, and lot of people can’t take honesty, because truth hurts. Yep, read it again. Truth hurts. Now the story from a few years ago came to my mind. When I used to be bigger, friends of mine told me that I’m fat and that I should do something with myself. Boy, did it hurt that time. But it was exactly what I needed. I started to do something with myself and even lost weight. Shame I gained it back, because the diet I was on wasn’t sustainable but at least it got me to do something. Sugar-coating not always help, it’s like this perfectionism ship…

How often have you looked at your Instagram or Facebook feed and told yourself, “It’s fucked, I will never look like that.” I admit, I said it many times and lot of times turned to the chocolate at home too, because I thought I will feel better. Or you just think, “Fuck this getting fit thing. If it’s only eating broccoli and chicken six times a day, it’s not for me.” I get you, it can get boring to eat bland food. Don’t eat it if you don’t like it. You can eat foods you enjoy and still lose weight. If someone tells you other, send them to me and I will happily throw some punches at them and science. Rigid dieting leads to binge eating, and do not get me started on “cheat meals”. But that’s another story. Because its easy for cheat meals to turn into cheat days, or weeks.

It’s all clean eating, and if you don’t eat clean you’re a cheater. You’re not! There’s moderation and balance. You know that thing when you eat things you enjoy and still get to your goals. If you try and stick to diet which you hate, do exercises which you cant stand, unfortunately you won’t last long. Torturing yourself because you want to look “perfect” is not the way. Rather do something what you enjoy, try and be the best version of you and nourish your body with good food, but also with foods which your little heart desires from time to time.

Perfect diet plan – doesn’t exist.

Perfect training – doesn’t exist.

Perfect life – doesn’t exist as sometimes things fuck up. Yep that’s reality for you.

After realising that lot of people are only pretending their happiness and perfectionism or trying to depress everyone with their problems, I have decided to move a bit away from it. Best decision ever! I have deleted the Facebook app and messenger from my phone and who wants will still find me. Not saying I don’t go there, yes I do, but wont find myself just scrolling down like crazy and always updating my feed. Instead I started to read more, when I have a bit of time. I’m really into mindset books and audio books lately.

Since swapping scrolling down on my news feed on Facebook for walks I feel much better and relaxed. Its been nearly two years now!

A lot of people moan how the weather is always crap here in UK, and yes it can get pretty depressing sometimes, but let’s be honest, even the rain has got its magic. The smell after fresh rain is amazing. Put your phone down, put your trainers on, get out to the nearest park and enjoy the animals, listen to the silence and think. You will find yourself smiling, just like that. Walking and smiling. You will analyse your life, set some goals and start working towards them. Nothing is that black as it seems, but nothing is either always perfect as social media says.

Perfect shredded bodies all year around on Instagram? Please! No! Old photos or Photoshop. People only show you what they want. Constant perfect life day by day? We all struggle time to time, but there’s no need to lie.

Sometimes when I see a perfect body I compare myself and fall into sadness. It won’t last more than five minutes now though, because there’s nothing a few virtual slaps can’t solve.

Social media detox? You have the choice as to who will be your friends and who to follow. If someone depresses you, it’s your decision if you keep looking at it or take action.

There is a lot of fake perfection in the fitness industry. Trainers pretending everything goes great, fantastic 12-week transformation which many times took years, and lot of times pretending how they don’t drink and don’t eat pizza. I used to be one of those who was so committed, but realised, life is for living, not always dieting. Sometimes I have a drink, or pizza and I’m honest about it. Why? Because I’m human. Sometimes you skip a workout or eat less nutritious food. Will the world end? Nope. There’s always a new day, new start. However, you control if you will be honest, and if you can start again without throwing the towel in.

Life’s not always pink; neither is it always black. Being honest to each other is a form of respect and showing people that yes, you struggle too sometimes.

Limit your time on social media if you want to and spend more time in nature, loved one or reading. I’m a big fan of reading books that feeds your brain. If you want any good one just Hole at me 😉

Don’t forget that perfect life maybe isn’t perfect…Think twice…

Getting back to the grind of fitness and finding your lost motivation can be hard, but that’s for another blog.

I’d rather be consistently imperfect then occasionally perfect.