I won’t lie, I love food and therefore volume food is important for me when dieting. I’m in the early stages of dieting, so I’ve still got a lot of food. However, if I hack this volume earlier, it will be helpful when I’m deeper in a deficit.

You would think I’m crazy putting courgette into oats but you can barely taste it, and there’s a lot of food volume so I don’t mind. Lately, I’ve been trying to play around with peanut flour and combining with chocolate is amazing.


65g oats
85g grated courgette
20g vanilla whey protein
30g peanut flour
5g cocoa powder
Sweetener if needed
50ml full fat milk


1 square of 85% chocolate
50g summer fruit

Pour the outs in the bowl, add courgette and water. Microwave for 1 minute, add peanut flour, cocoa and milk and heat for another 2 minutes. Add whey protein and sweetener if needed, decorate with fruits and chocolate and enjoy! Nom nom.

Macronutritients: 542kcal, 42P, 56C, 17F