I’ve been trying to make this diet easier and recipes like this are really helping. This cheesecake is probably the millionth version, but that doesn’t matter; it’s full of protein and it sends you to heaven when you dig in, so it’s OK. You can also add protein powder if you want to. This cake is perfect for a low-carb, higher-fat day.

This recipe makes four big pieces of cake. Originally, it was meant to be eight but let’s be honest, we all know how would it end up. So I just thought, lets be greedy. Ha!


170 g of Total 0% Greek style yogurt

250 g of Quark

80 g of Peanut butter (yum)

1 medium egg



18 g of 85% Dark chocolate

10 g of Peanut butter

5 g of Peanuts

Mix the peanut butter, quark and yogurt together. Feel free to use a hand blender if the peanut butter is too hard, once done add the egg and Stevia. Pour into the silicone baking tray and bake on medium heat for 30 minutes. Once done, let it cool. Melt the chocolate in the microwave, pour over the cake, sprinkle some peanut butter over, add the crushed peanuts and let cool before placing to fridge for four hours.

Macronutritients for 1 piece: 262 calories, 16.8F, 7C, 16.4P.