I used to look at food just like for something what will satisfy me and keep me full. That was in the times, when I used to be overweight and not so fit. My fitness was 0, immune system down, and it was normal to get cold or problems with my tonsils every month. Looking back, no wonder I struggled. I didn’t exercised, ate crap, drank lot of alcohol and my nutrition haven’t contained much protein, fresh fruits and healthy fats.

When I decided to change my lifestyle, my health got better. Nutrition and food is power. Now I don’t want to talk here about superfoods, and I don’t want to promote nothing I just want to talk about how important the right nutrition is, how important is to eat healthy and give your body all the nutrition’s it needs. Certainly, there are illnesses which you can’t heal without medicine, but there is a way how to make it better and reduce the symptoms. If your nutrition is mainly from processed food and lacks of fresh vegetables, fruits, protein and fat there is a slight possibility that you are doing things wrong.

Yes, we are living in life where everything is hectic, where it’s easier to grab a can of soup than to make a homemade one, and there is nothing wrong with it to doing it once in a while but on daily basics it’s not the best way how to give your body what it needs.

Eating nutritious and healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming; it’s all about making the right choices and fights your laziness too.

Therefore I have asked Mike Sweeney who is a registered dietician, to write something about it for you as well, he is professional and he is in this theme like fish in the water.


“Usually the results you see in your life (your body, relationships, work etc) are a reflection of your inner commitments. When you understand this you realise that it all starts with food. Eating well can bring great health, vitality and energy or it can bring disease, suffering and misery. Socialising over food has been a cornerstone of society ever since time began and in this way it strengthens relationships and fosters community. It can also give a sense of loneliness and isolation if we eat alone for long periods of time. Food may be the greatest gift mother nature ever gave us yet it might also be our downfall as the worlds population continues to expand faster than the planets ability to produce nutritious food. In all these ways, nutrition really is power. You’ve been gifted the ability to decide if food will be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Which choice will you make?”Mike Sweeney (www.nutritionable.co.uk) If you sign up to Mike’s newsletters I guarantee that they will make you laugh and you will learn something too.