We are nearly there at the end of the year when everyone will start again with the old crap.

Oooo, please don’t tell me, that you haven’t been there. We all have. Because between Christmas and New Year we suddenly realise that another year is at the end and we have still not managed to get fit or healthier. Stop blaming pigs in blanket and Cadbury Heroes from Christmas, that you are still not fit…

The problem is, that you keep forgetting about the food you eat all year around and concentrate too much on the ones you eat in the festive period.

So as the new year approaches we give ourselves new goals. Unfortunately there are goals which most of us will never achieve. I’m now not talking about goals regarding to your job, I’m talking about your health and fitness ones.

You don’t need to look like a model from a front cover magazine, but I’m sure most of you would like to feel healthier. The problem is many of you are confused and don’t know where to start.

Working in an office I do see daily how people are confused on how to get started or what to do. There is so many informations around and unfortunately most of them will only get rid of money from your bank account and not reduce your body fat. Trust me, the Holland and Barrett shelve with crappy fat burners is not where you should reach out to. There is no magic pill which will help you suddenly become healthier and fitter.

The thing is, if it comes easy, it is possibly bullshit. Even when it comes to fat loss. Yeah, that is reality for you.

So, I bet many of you, have already in your mind that on 2nd of January you will cut out all the as you would call it bad food, I will just say less nutritious one as there are no bad foods and will start eat and live healthier, exercise daily etc.

The problem is, that you are trying to go from 0 to 100, and most likely you will fail. I have been there I have done it.

Let’s not try to be daft as I was ok? Although we learn from our own mistakes.

But now the question is what to do?

You don’t need expensive supplements.

You don’t need to spend lot of money on special foods.

Eating better is not expensive, but that is for another blog.

Start slowly. Start implementing some small habits daily.

Here are 10 which I’m sure you can manage with at the start:

1, Eat 3 servings of lean protein daily.

2, Try and get 7 -9 hours of sleep daily.

3, Try and hit at least 8000 steps a day.

4, Eat 3 portions of vegetables a day and 2 portions berries a day.

5, Drink water.

6, Take between 2500 and 4000 IUI a day and between 1.8 – 3g (EPA+DHA) of Fish oil a day.

7, Eat mindfully which means, no phones, no TV, no book. When you feel full, you stop.

8, Resistance train at least 2 x a week. Even if you train at home, it’s fine.

9, Don’t cut out all the food you love. If you do so, you will end up more of it than you want.

10, Reduce alcohol for once a week and try and aim for drinks which are low in calories like spirits with diet drinks. Someone pass me that gin with slimline tonic, lol.


Everyone needs to start somewhere and this is a good start. Try this for one month and let me know how you feel.