Last year a lovely girl from TV Markiza messaged me to see if I would be interested to come and cook on their morning breakfast show.

Being a food nerd, and creating always new recipes, this opportunity was something what I couldn’t refuse, however last year, we didn’t have a holiday planned back in Slovakia, so I had to say no. This year, the opportunity arrived again and I was able to accept.image

In all honesty, me being a nervous head, and always stressing about something, I thought I wouldn’t be able to loosen up and just be natural, but how wrong I was. The big day has arrived and I was up early. I was worried that I might sleep in because I’m not really a morning person, but as I work a lot of early shifts, it wasn’t that hard to roll out of bed at 04:30.

At 05:10 I was already sitting in a taxi, heading to TV Markiza in Bratislava. They were all so friendly and lovely that I hadn’t even realised that in a few minutes we would be going live.

I was cooking just like at home in our kitchen. There was an interview at the beginning and than back to business again finishing off the food.

If you haven’t watched it you can still check it out. The short version from backstage, but you will have to select first gender, then age and click OK:

View the short version here

View the full version here

You might wonder what was on the menu? Well, my favourite pizza omelette, which is very easy to make, chocolate peanut butter zoats with peanut butter, fruits and chocolate and caramel strawberry pie.

I’m happy to say, once the program finished, the food was gone in few minutes, so I believe everyone liked it.imageimage