I think it was last year sometimes in April when I discovered some nutrition podcasts and started to walk more. Since then, I have never looked back. I might look funny walking and laughing to myself as listening to some of the jokes but being normal is really boring.

I thought that once I finished my weight loss journey, I would cut right down on my walks, but I have realised that with working in busy office, they have a head clearing effect on me as well, not just increasing my NEAT. Therefore I kept them but it’s just a 30 minute lunch walk now.

To me podcasts are a fantastic way to learn for free so I have decided to share with you some podcasts I love. I think it amazing that whenever you can download them, and if you don’t have time to read much it’s a great way to catch up on some updates on latest research. They are for free, so why not put your trainers on and go for a walk? Don’t forget, sitting on your ass won’t burn many calories. To me, good podcasts should be informative, with no broscience, funny, kept up with latest research and interpreted the way so everyone can understand it. These three tick all the boxes. If you are tired of misleading information in the fitness industry, these will add some damn good science into your life. Move yourself from the sofa and go listen to them and be a part of #sciencewalks.

Real Nutrition Radio

Hosted by Mike Sweeney and Martin Macdonald. What can you except? Nutrition for fat loss and muscle gain, health issues, myths in fitness and many more. I have been interviewed in the latest one, so if you’re interested to listen about my journey go ahead.

Shredded by Science Radio 

Very short podcasts to keep you up to date with the latest research and on how to get best results without any bullshit. Lawrence, Armi and Emma will hook you up a couple times a week with some really interesting content. Fat loss, strength training, behaviour change, muscle building; they have got covered all of this for you.

Sigma Nutrition Radio

Another knowledgeable and evidence based podcast. Nutrition, health and performance, Danny has got all three of these fields covered for you, plus he always interviews some “big fish” in the industry.

The question is, are you going to join me on #scienceWalks? If yes, share some love and use the hashtag.