Dear Diet Diary,

After the first week being really enthusiastic about dieting, this week didn’t kick off the way I wanted it. I woke up with my belly rumbling from hunger. It was one of those days, when I could easily eat the whole fridge. My macros are still high, as I left them the same as last week, but I know days like this happen.

On Monday got home from work, and thought I will eat something that I shouldn’t. Opened the drawer with sweets, looked at it, and closed it again. Instead, I grabed an apple and a Lilt Zero came to the rescue. Team aspartame for next 6 weeks checking in. There’s nothing wrong with aspartame if you are consuming it in moderation. Click here if you want to read about it here. Or simply go to Examine, and type in Aspartame and you can read a lot about it.

Monday was rest day, so no training for me, just chasing steps as always.

Tuesday – training day yayyy, and hunger keeps slapping me but I’m strong. I will have higher carbs on my heavier training days when doing squats and deadlifts. Weight has gone up on everything, which is great as I’m still aiming for progressive overload. I upped my squats with 5kg since last week, hip thursts with 10kg. I could do more, but I don’t want to wreck my knee again, so I’m doing it slowly.

It was a great session and I’m loving how I enjoy training again.

Wednesday was meant to be low carb day, but when I got home from work decided to have a refeed. I needed to feel full. It could be that hormones are doing whatever they want as mid cycle, but I’d rather increase carbs than binge like crazy and it helped. Actually I will up the refeed and have few days low carb and couple of days high carbs from now on. Gimme that carb coma. Refeeds are sometimes like a light at the end of the tunnel. Seriously how can someone not love carbs?? Are ya crazy?! They’re not just delicious but give you strength too.

Thursday I have decided to fast till mid morning. Fasting every day doesn’t work for me, but once in a while I do it. Today was one of those days. Training day and feeling great. Soreness from Tuesday’s workout is nearly gone, so I can wreck myself again. Food is good. Today has gone surprisingly  smooth. Yayyy.

Nothing really to report from Friday or Saturday, as both these days were rest days.

Sunday meant after-work training. This week, I have still trained only 3x as I can see progress, so no need for me to add the conditioning yet. This week I have managed to fit into denim shorts which have been mega tight a few weeks ago. The scale hasn’t really moved this week, but I’m feeling leaner. I know there will be a wooosh, which means that overnight I will lose certain amount of weight. From next week I will be standing on the scale every day, and at the end of the week I will take an average. I used to do this last year and it worked.

I’m tailoring my “shred” as I go, so it suits me and I can stick to it. Why to do something you can’t stick to, even if it’s only short term?

So the second week of Bikini Shred is done. Do I think it was easy? Nope, but I know how it works, and it’s only temporary so I don’t mind it. I must admit one thing though, I feel happier that I already lost a bit of fat. This cut is for me, for my good feeling. Suck it up hip thrusting princess, only four more weeks to go.

See ya in a week. I will probably post a progress pic half way through as it’s early.

PS: Close that fridge or drawer with sweets. Don’t even try it. I see you, I know you want to but behave yourself. Remember you are doing this for you!

Some of the food I ate this week: