Often I do get asked questions about how many calories I eat, how many calories I consumed to lose weight, how big my caloric deficit was running up to my photoshoot last year etc.

I’m planning to show you one day of flexible dieting, show you all the foods I consume in the day, but I have decided that might be better to explain some things running up to this.

I simply won’t share my macros. Reason being for this is that every one of us is unique. They are not secret, they’re not magic, their adjusted to my goals. I’m a quite a tall girl, 5’10/178 cm sometimes 179 lol. I lift weights, whereas someone can only be doing cardio. I have my own goal so therefore their set up according to that. People need to understand, that there is no magic % ratio, no magic number and everyone’s body runs on different fuel. I mean carbs or fats. There is no one size which fits all. I have seen not once, general people (who just want to lose some weight) asking a fitness competitor for their macronutrient ratio, and they happily shared it. To me it’s wrong. That person can be training multiple times a day, using drugs etc. People need to realise that they can’t compare themselves to others if they don’t know how active that person is, if their healthy etc. That person can be perfectly running on high fats, but let’s say someone starts to copy their macro ratio, with minimal carbs and it can easily cause problems. It can slow performance or either trigger binge eating.

Personal preference therefore does matter a lot.

I know from myself that when I`m training its better if I carb up before, as my strength is then up to the roof. I don’t demonise carbs and I know they give me energy (they’re freaking delicious too, and I see a difference when I`m fuelled up and when I`m not, but that’s me). However I love peanut butter as well I know on rest days I function perfectly fine on higher fats. We all are different, therefore what works for me, will maybe not work for you.

With having a sedentary job,my calories must be adjusted according to that. I`m walking daily as I’m trying to increase my NEAT. My calories and macronutrients are changing depending if I`m bulking or dieting down. Your goal can be different and I really don’t want you to blame me that it’s not working for you.

Simply my calorie intake is based on my current goal. Currently I’m still trying to build some muscle, concentrating on my lower body.

You need to find what works for you; you need to test out what macronutrient ratio works for you. If you have health issues, it needs to be adjusted to that, as it can affect not just your performance and health, but it can slow down achieving your goal as well.

I hope you find this helpful and it gives you a better understanding on why simply I won’t share my calorie intake.