When dieting, it is really important to eat food that you enjoy. This recipe is very easy and therefore you shouldn’t have any excuses to not prepare this.

It’s one of my favourite ways to eat something sweet and nutritious. I usually use 0% Total yoghurt when dieting, because I like to keep my fats for peanut butter, but feel free to use a full fat one. Nutrition info will however change. You can top it with peanut butter too, I often do so or you can mix in protein powder to up the protein content.


200g Total 0% Yoghurt

80g of strawberries


Few drops of Myprotein flavour drops ( I have used white chocolate)


5g of Choc shot

50g frozen fruits

3g of almond flakes

Blend the strawberries with a little bit of water. Mix the yoghurt with flavour drops and add the strawberries. Decorate with fruits, choc shot and almond flakes. Enjoy! It’s so good.

Macronutritients:175kcal, 2F, 17.5C, 22.6P