It took me a while to perfect the dough for this pizza, and now I’m more then happy to share it. Hope you enjoy it. Eating boring food isn’t for me really, therefore let me introduce you to a life-changing high protein pizza.


25g Pea protein

25g Rice flour

150-200ml water

Large egg

Garlic salt

40g Passage

40g Grated cheese

Mix the Pea protein with rice flour and egg, add garlic salt and water. The dough needs to be soft. Sprinkle some olive oil into pain and pour the mixture into it. Spread to the corners and cook for few minutes. Remove from the pan and place onto baking paper, add passage cheese and topping of your choice. Bake for 15-20mins. Slice and enjoy!

Macronutritients without topping: 254kcal, 6.3F, 19.2C, 29.9P