It’s important to take a rest from dieting and to chill. If you like to be active on holiday, do it but don’t go crazy.

You don’t have to try and eat the whole “buffet” for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You might expect me to tell you to simply eat salads and protein and skip drinks when on holiday, but I won’t. I won’t be one of those personal trainers pretending they don’t like to have a drink now and then and constantly carrying their Tupperware with food everywhere. I believe showing your clients that you’re a human too and that you make sometimes mistakes but can enjoy yourself is very important.


The reason why people want to eat everything when on holiday is because they restrict too much. They see food as good or bad and believe it or not when you say that doughnut is bad, you will bloody want it even more. Why? Because your brain got the message, “It’s bad I can’t have it”, so of course it will want it. When your mind isn’t free from restriction, you don’t know when to stop, and you don’t know when you feel full. Eat what you fancy but don’t forget to get enough protein, micronutrients and vitamins. Fancy that juicy burger with fries? Go for it, but stop eating when you’re full and don’t try to eat absolutely everything (I mean even the plate).


Last year after 9 months of dieting I was pretty fucked up and it was very hard to resist. This year my mind is free and when I feel full I stop.

Fancy a drink? Have it. I sometimes have a cocktail, sometimes just water and sometimes gin tonic. Do I stress about it? No, but I used to.


It’s important to don’t forget to live your life and make memories. There’s more to life then dieting… There’s more to life then always counting macros, getting your workouts in and prepping your meals. We all get to the point that when we need to the some time off or slow down. Even a weekend of spa can often do the job and you will get back stronger. Rest is important not just for the body but your mind too.


Do I workout when on holiday? Hell yeah, but only lightly. However I like to be active. So far I’ve been to the gym, walked a fair bit, did some aqua aerobics, did some dancing and wrestled waves the sea. And trips to the bar for drinks count as exercise too, right? Second week I will take a whole week of the gym. I’m sure my dodgy knee will be thankful for this.


So many people who are into fitness forget to live. I admit, I used to be one of them. I can’t even describe you how it feels to switch off, have a burger and fries and leave something on the plate (fat version of me couldn’t do that because I would eat until I feel sick). Finding that balance is such a great feeling. It doesn’t need to be flexible dieting but it sure need to be something what you can stick to long term.


Simply put. Holidays are for making memories, friends and giving your body a rest. I did met some amazing people, had fun, drunk some great cocktails, ate different kind of food and mainly relaxed.