Dear Diet Diary,

Another week closer to holiday, well it’s actually twenty days as of Monday. Getting very excited. I felt like throwing in the towel in last week at one point to be honest, but I know it will get better and hard days always come. Well yeah, it was that time of the month, when hormones are doing whatever they want and they make you feel even more sh..t than you feel. One of the perks of being a woman, I guess.

Monday was great, apart from my knee was playing up, but did my workout stuck to macros so winning. I injured my back while doing glute bridges, but nothing major, only a few bleedy scratches as forgot to put a mat down while doing them at garage gym.

Tuesday I didn’t really feelt like going to jiu jitsu, but at the end I went. What a great session again. I wasn’t feeling myself and my coordination was off, but I made the effort and turned up.

Wednesday was another high carb/refeed day and boy did I need it. I even managed to fit in some Reeses, so it was definitely a winning day for me. Carbs made me happy.

Thursday and Friday were rest days, but I’ve been walking a lot. Saturday was gym time again, and I finally made it again back to gym. Tension hip thrusts killed me off, and later in the day I felt it badly. How I do love that pain, though. Sunday was rest day. I mean total rest day. Off from walking, off from working out.
The lying scale decided to move this week, which is great, but there’s something more important than that. I finally feel again like ME. I feel great again. I’m definitely feeling more comfortable in my own skin again and in clothes too.

This week, I lowered a macros a bit, but nothing major and played a bit with them. I increased protein a little bit, lowered a bit carbs (not much), but increased fats. I’m still working out three times a week weights, once short abs session and once jiu-jitsu. I don’t think you should workout every day. The reason? It can stress you out, it can decrease your recovery and your progress too. I’d rather keep my weights pretty high and challenging than turning my weight lifting sessions into cardio sessions.

Two weeks left on his cut, and so excited for some relaxed eating after this and for not cooking and meal prepping for two weeks.

I have decided to add week five onto this blog as to be honest nothing exciting happened plus I have been feeling poorly a few days. Monday was training day and beasted out a great session, added weight on hip thrusts, perfecting form on squats and bench press, because well quality.

Tuesday was jiu jitsu session, and unfortunately I managed to injure my knee, but it’s all good now. Sometimes it’s a drama queen. Wednesday, I did a home gym workout which felt great. On Thursday I managed to burn my mouth with hot chocolate (boiling) and got a cold so I was out of the fitness business for a few days. Eating was a bit challenging but, thank god for protein shakes; they kept me going. I was secretly dreaming of steak though. At the end of the week, the macros matched up so all good. I managed to hit another low on this cut and I haven’t even touched my macros and because of me not being well couldn’t work out more then three times, but it just shows how sticking to food and being consistent is important.

I’m so happy that I finally feel like me again. That’s for me more important then anything else. Certainly the number on the scale can make me angry, but I know there has been some muscle gain since September last year. I’d rather have some muscles then be skinny fat.

Sometimes I forget that I should trust the progress and that we women are a bit screwed. Why? Well because water weight, shark week (period) and hormone changes during a month can cause lot of mischief in our bodies. It’s not easy to keep going when you feel like stalling, and believe I do have days when I want to go crazy low on carbs or fats, but then again virtual slaps can sort my silly head out in these situations very quickly. I’m so happy, that till now I have trusted the process and how far I came. For me it’s more about how I feel. I look at myself differently again. I think I found myself again and felt in love with myself.

Confidence in your own body is so important, and so is doing everything for you not others. During one of my sessions I have seen more leg definition and kind of looked at myself saying, “shit, no wonder those trousers wont fit; look at those quads!” (when flexed and pumped they are pretty big). Since doing one arm kettlebell raises, a.k.a. “Nunez” raises I have seen some amazing muscle definition, which made me to do a small happy dance at the gym. These moments mean to me than the number on the scale. These moments mean that my plan is working and everything I have learned is being put to good use.

Food-wise, I’m keeping things simple. My main protein sources are chicken, eggs, protein powder, salmon, tuna, steaks, yogurts and curd cheese. My main fat sources are cheese, double cream and my love: peanut butter. My main carb sources are rice, potatoes, vegetables, berries, caramel rice cakes (they’re so yum) and sometimes a cheeky pop corn.

I’d rather choose deserts which I prepare at home and they do perfectly the job, but once in the week I made some cheeky chocolate bar fit, because balance is very important to me. It’s important to keep me sane, but on other hand I got rid of nearly everything sweet in the house again. Why? Because if it’s not there, you don’t want it. Goes from yes, goes from mind. OK, there are some Twirls in the house because my boyfriend loves them, but for some reason they don’t bother me. So if I crave chocolate, I usually have a 80+% one or a nutritious homemade cake.

There are five days left on this cut, and I’m excited about sun, beach and relaxation. Hopefully, I will be able to write a summary of my cut. I’m actually pretty happy with the results. It could have been better, but it could had been worse too.