This might sound crazy to some of you but I’m crazy and I like to do things a bit differently. So I have decided that for a next consecutive 30 days I will add to my macros one Reeses Cup a day. I love these little peanut butter filled cups and even in my previous cut, they helped me to keep my cravings down.

There are few reasons why have decided to do this challenge. To show you that you can start your diet or a new challenge which you give yourself any day of a week (no need to wait for Monday or next week) and that balance does matter in long term. I still see a lot people living the boring steamed food lifestyle and big caloric restriction ending with massive bingeing (cheat days when you eat about 4K+ calories thinking it will boost your metabolism) and I don’t think that’s how a healthier lifestyle should look. Now maybe some of you will say, “but the scale moved”. Yeah it did and you know why? You have been in caloric deficit a while, exercising like crazy and doing endless hours of cardio. All of this lead to water retention. You give yourself more food, restart your metabolism and voila water goes and cortisol drops and leptin resets to normal. That’s it, no magic, no junk boost or anything.

As in life, in nutrition as well, balance does matter. As mentioned previously my meals are mainly cooked from scratch anyway but an occasional delicious heaven doesn’t wreck my progress.

So here’s to the next 30 days of my challenge.
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Let’s do this 😉