Who am I

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I’m here to guide you to your desired weight, achieve the fitter and healthier you and in the process of it to educate you on how to not only achieve it but also keep it forever. I have managed to transform my body, so let me help you now.

About me:

I probably should introduce myself. My name is Katarina and I used to be just like you. I bet if you are reading this, you are struggling. You saw my story, got inspired and reaching out for help. I used to weight 93kgs. Being always a big girl I wasn’t happy in my own skin and in 2013 I have got really angry and decided to lose weight and actually stick to it. Weird on this everything is that first time in my life I have given myself a new years resolution and even managed to stick to it.

I have tried it billion times before, unfortunately I have always failed. Looking back I have realised that this time around what was different was my mind-set and the hunger of succeeding and getting the body which I always dreamt of.

My passion for nutrition and training grew after making a huge transformation to my own body as mentioned above. In 2016 I have decided to finally pursue my fitness qualifications. Education although haven’t stopped with getting qualified as a Personal Trainer.  I still keep my knowledge up to date by regularly attending conferences, webinars, seminars and also keeping up to date with latest research.

My qualifications include:

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 3 NASM Personal Trainer

MNU Certified Nutritionist

I have walked the walk so I know your pain, I can feel your struggle and know how to overcome obstacles.

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