Three years at The Warehouse Gym on Parker drive

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I’m feeling a bit sentimental. The last session at the old building I’d done and dusted. We’re  going away for two weeks, and when I get back the gym will be moved.

Why do I feel sentimental? Because so many memories are attached to that place. Many personal bests have been achieved there, many tears been shed. The Warehouse Gym played a massive role in my weight loss journey. When I started I used to be a big Zumba fanatic. L

When I first stepped into that gym, I weighed around 85kg. This gym is where I learned the proper technique of exercises and that everything is only in my head. I will never ever forget the session when my first ever personal trainer Josh was trying to kill me. He wasn’t really, but to me it felt like I was going die. Tears were rolling down my face, falling on my leg, but I was still doing lunges while screaming at him how I hate him. (Sorry Josh I had to). And that’s one of the moments when I learned that it’s all in my head and I can push myself harder.

You know, when there’s a cool place to train the pain is not that bad. I’m sure the new one will be even better but let’s recap the three years what I trained there. There’s no place like The Warehouse Gym.

First PR

new PR;) Whoop #deadlifts #gym #liftingheavy #girlslifting #fitfam #fitness

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Christmas lifting because no lift no gift

#deadlift #twg #thewarehousegym #fit #fitness #bodybuilding #healthy #gym #gymlife #lifting

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Hip thrusting since 2013 and loving it.

Not forgetting this b..d machine which I hate

Failure on 110kg deadlifts

I don’t always do curls, but when I do there’s an evidence

It never bloody lifted itself…


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Because on Fridays we flex ? check out that art behind me at #theWarehouseGym ? deadlift day tomorrow Yayy ?

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And with Bae

A quick photo from behind the scenes @thewarehousegym the best place to train. Loved every minute of it… dreams do come true ??

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Don't want to be perfect, just better than yesterday ??

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#throwbackthrusday to yesterdays workout with @dangerousmrd ??Suns out guns out ??????

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See you all at the new place.


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