My Story

I’m an ordinary girl who has been fighting about 15 years with being overweight, then fell in love with science and lifting heavy things at the age of 30.

I realised that the best diet is the diet which you can turn into your lifestyle and stick to it long term, without any major restrictions.

I remember when my partner sent me my first science book and I said, “I won’t be reading that crap”, as it wasn’t something I was interested in. How times change. I swapped the magazines for studies and nutrition, training books and found a massive passion in it.

I started to make healthy recipes and the overweight girl has turned into a fit chick.

Doing something with love and passion is an amazing help on a fit journey. Some days lifting weights it’s not just to get fit, it’s therapy as well.

It’s maybe easier to stick to a diet which someone designs for you, and it’s definitely a great start to a healthy lifestyle, but learning what your body really needs and turning it into lifestyle is more pleasurable for long term.

“If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it?” – Sam Harris

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