7 Tips for Dieting this Christmas

By 22nd December 2015 2 Comments


Christmas and New Year is round the corner and I hear more and more people stressing about how to not overeat.

This makes me laugh, as I always think, don’t they also stress the rest of the year? Why is it always just before Christmas? We should really concentrate on what we eat all year round not just during the holidays.

Yes it’s true; there are more sweets and cakes around, more social situations and definitely more eating out too. As it’s colder out there people tempt to be less active, so it’s easier to eat more than we burn. I know what I will be doing – enjoying time with loved ones, as Christmas is just once in the year. It’s one of the nicest holidays of the year so leave the stress, enjoy yourself and be happy. Eating out of a tupperware box or eating just steamed chicken and broccoli is really not Christmassy.

For the previous two years, I used to overthink and stress about it, but I know a few days off the plan won’t harm me and I’ve been requested to bake a naughty chocolate fudge cake which will be a shame not to try, I believe.

If you’re stressing about how to not over eat over Christmas here are some little tips:

  1. You can fast, you can skip breakfast and start a day with lunch and dinner, or just dinner.
  2. Stop when you fell full and don’t eat yourself to sickness
  3. If you’re not hungry just say no, stop eating with your eyes 😉
  4. Choose spirits with zero cokes or other lemonades instead of cocktails
  5. Start your meal with vegetables and protein. Like this you will be quite full once you get to carbs and you probably won’t eat all of them.
  6. Be more active. Exercise, even for 15-20minutes at home. Every little counts.
  7. Go for walks. We tempt to sit on the sofa and eat, watch television during Christmas holidays but getting out of the house and going for a walk is a great way to get some fresh air and increase your neat as well.


  • Fogyas says:

    I do not think skipping breakfast is a good idea. If you are hungry you will more likely overeat at dinner.

    • Katarina Makkaiova says:

      Everyone is different and lot of people practice intermittent fasting as well which works for them. Why should you have breakfast if you don’t enjoy it? That’s one example…

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